About North Devon Sinfonia

North Devon'S Symphony Orchestra

Registered Charity Number 1203900
We welcome new players

We aim to play a wide variety of orchestral music
  • Some that audiences will easily relate to
  • Some that challenges us as players
  • Some that should be better known
  • To include as many players as possible

We aim to introduce music to new audiences
  • Partly through the repertoire
  • But also by playing in different venues across the area
  • And finding ways to make concerts more engaging
  • We will particularly try to perform in ways that children can enjoy
We aim to become better players
  • We will look for repertoire that helps us do this
  • We will rehearse in ways that encourage this
  • We will include up and coming musicians as early as possible
We aim to encourage sociability
  • Both within the orchestra
  • And also for and with our audiences


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